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TG’s Bi-Weekly Tips


TG’s Bi-Weekly Tips for everyday cross country and track and field athletes, coaches, and/or fans written by athletes and/or coaches, past and present.

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5 Tips for Speed Development - 02.11.2019

By: Todd Lane, Louisiana State University

  1. Speed can and should be trained from day one of the training year.

  2. Speed in its truest form, is 100% effort for up to 5-7 seconds. Anything beyond that is something else

  3. Everybody in every event can and needs to train speed in some form. Sprinters, throwers, distance runners, jumpers. It enhances aspects of training for all event groups.

  4. Speed is very technical. Technical work requires astute and constant coaching.

  5. Speed is trained under non-fatigued conditions. Speed, when performed, comes first in training sessions. Speed is sequenced in the week to be performed under non-fatigued conditions.

5 Tips for the XC Fan - 02.04.2019

By: Jon M. Jay, Columbus Community HS

  1. Eat a light lunch - you’re going to do a fair amount of running

  2. May not hurt to stretch with the team - you’re going to do a fair amount of running

  3. The fastest way between 2 points is a straight line

  4. The finish line offers a great vantage point … if you’re not going to do a fair amount of running

  5. Regardless of the time of year, ALWAYS have your winter gear at the ready

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